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Employer Information

The Bay Area Minority Summer Clerkship Program (BAMSCP) is sponsored by the Santa Clara County Bar Foundation (The Foundation), the charitable arm of the Santa Clara County Bar Association (SCCBA), Alameda County Bar Association (ACBA), and the Contra Costa Bar Association (CCCBA).

The employers in BAMSCP are legal employers who agree to hire, train, and supervise at least one summer clerk.


Each employer is charged with the successful implementation of BAMSCP in their office. An attorney or internal program manager from each participating employer is designated as the BAMSCP liaison  with respect to all matters arising during the course of the summer. The summer clerks will be expected to participate in the employers' summer program in the same manner as other first and second year summer clerks. BAMSCP will maintain contact with each of the employers during the summer to monitor the progress of the students and ensure the purposes of BAMSCP are being effectuated.


Participating employers are under no obligation to make offers of second-year summer or associate employment to the students participating in BAMSCP. Students should therefore not expect such an outcome. However, employers are not prohibited from making such offers should there be a mutual desire.


Each sponsoring bar association appoints two persons to the Selection Committee. The Committee makes selections and assignments based on the students’ application packets received and interviews. Employers are refereed the names of three students (or more, if the employer desires), one of whom will most likely be placed with their office. Employers will interview those students according to the program timeline, and the Selection Committee will take those employer evaluations into consideration when it makes the final placement decisions. BAMSCP participants are matched by practice area preferences, geography, and best fit for the student and employer.


The length of each students’ summer clerkship should range from 8 to 12 weeks during the summer.


Students are to be paid the standard summer clerk salary for their particular employer. Salaries may vary from employer to employer.

If you are interested in becoming a BAMSCP affiliated employer, please fill out the Employer Reservation Form.