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Past President's Message (Archive)
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Past Presidents of Santa Clara County Bar Association

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Decade Presidency Year Name
 2010s  2019  Gabriel Gregg

President's Message Archive


President's Message Archive




President's Message Archive

Matthew H. Poppe

President's Message Archive

John L. Mlnarik
President's Message Archive

Dianne L. Sweeney
President's Message Archive
Dianne L. Sweeney
Steven B. Haley
President's Message Archive
Steven Haley
Mindy Morton

President's Message Archive

Shannon Stein

President's Message Archive

Shannon Stein
Mark Shem

President's Message Archive

Mark Shem


Decade Presidency Year Name
2000s 2009 Jil DalesandroJil Dalesandro
  2008 Thomas KuhnleThomas Kuhnle
  2007 Clark S. StoneClark S. Stone
  2006 Christopher ArriolaChristopher Arriola
  2005 Hon. Julie A. EmedeHon. Julie A. Emede
  2004 Lisa HerrickLisa Herrick
  2003 Patricia WhitePatricia White
  2002 John ConwayJohn Conway
  2001 Debra L. ZumwaltDebra L. Zumwalt
  2000 Susan WilsonSusan Wilson


Decade Presidency Year Name
1990s 1999       William G. Priest, Jr.William G. Priest, Jr.
  1998          Edward J. DavilaEdward J. Davila
  1997           Hon. Richard J. Loftus, Jr.Hon. Richard J. Loftus, Jr.
  1996 Roberta S. HayashiRoberta S. Hayashi
  1995           Patrick E. Adair
  1994        Kathryn MeierKathryn K. Meier
  1993     Sam J. PolverinoSam J. Polverino
  1992        Hon. Brian C. WalshHon. Brian C. Walsh
  1991   Hon. Patrick E. TondreauHon. Patrick E. Tondreau
  1990 Hon. Raymond J. Davilla Jr.Hon. Raymond J. Davilla Jr.


Decade Presidency Year Name
1980s 1989       James E. ToweryJames E. Towery
  1988          Grant M. Armstrong
  1987           Hon. Philip H. PennypackerHon. Philip H. Pennypacker
  1986 Marilyn Morgan
  1985           Hon. Jack Komar (Ret)Hon. Jack Komar (Ret.)
  1984        Richard Alexander
  1983     Phillip M. Sims
  1982        John Marshall Collins
  1981   Victor H. Beauzay
  1980 Nordin F. Blacker


Decade Presidency Year Name
1970s 1979       Philip L. Hammer
  1978          Alden E. Danner
  1977           Read Ambler
  1976 Anthony J. Trepel
  1975           James T. Danaher
  1974        Conrad L. Rushing
  1973     Lawrence A. Menard
  1972        Robert P. Aguilar
  1971   Mark E. Thomas, Jr.
  1970 Richard J. Wylie


Decade Presidency Year Name
1960s 1969       William S. Love
  1968          Robert L. Blake
  1967           Donald B. Richardson, Jr.
  1966 David H. Adams
  1965           Michael diLeonardo
  1964        Louis P. Bergna
  1963-64           James A. Wright
  1962-63           Russell Roessler
  1961-62           Alfred B. Britton
  1960-61          Francis E. Zingheim


Decade Presidency Year Name
1950s 1959-60           Robert Morgan
  1958-59           Fred A. Wool
  1957-58           George Barnett
  1956-57           Gerald Chargin
  1955-56           Russell Hofvendah
  1954-55           Emery J. Delmas
  1953-54           Frank L. Custer
  1952-53           Charles E. Luckhardt, Sr.
  1951-52           C.C. Cottrell
  1950-51          James W. Foley


Decade Presidency Year Name
1940s 1949-50           Frank L. Crist, Sr.
  1948-49           Irvin A. Frasse
  1947-48           Robert E. Hayes
  1946-47           Marshall S. Hall
  1945-46           Harvey C. Miller
  1944-45           Chesley M. Douglas
  1943-44           John J. Jones
  1942-43           Duncan Oneal
  1941-42           Elmer D. Jensen
  1940-41          Arnold Rumwell


Decade Presidency Year Name
1930s 1939-40           W.W. Jacks
  1938-39           Harry Smith
  1937-38           Edward Hardy
  1936-37           Desmond T. Jenkins
  1935-36           Arthur Shoup
  1934-35           Henry G. Hill
  1933-34           Edward Fellows
  1932-33           Victor A. Chargin, Sr.
  1931-32           John M. Burnett
  1930-31          Frank Waterhouse


Decade Presidency Year Name
1920s 1929-30           Frank V. Campbell
  1928-29           Samuel G. Tompkins
  1927-28           Samuel G. Tompkins
  1926-27           J.S. McGinnis
  1925-26           Charles L. Witten
  1924-25           Archer Bowden
  1923-24           Maurice J. Rankin
  1922-23           Charles W. Davison
  1921-22           Ralph H. McComish
  1920-21          - unknown-


Decade Presidency Year Name
1910s 1919-20           John W. Sullivan
  1918-19           C.C. Coolidge
  1917-18           Herbert C. Jones
  1916-17           Herbert C. Jones


Early leaders of the Bar Association whose presidency or date thereof has not yet been verified: Nicholas Bowen, Victor A. Schellar, C.D. Cavallaro, Robert K. O’Neil, Matthew V. Mulcahy, Orvis Speciale, Jackson Hatch, Frederick B. Brown, M.D. Archibald, J.H. Russell.


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Recent Recognitions
Constance L. Carpenter2018 Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year
Susana Inda2018 Barrister of the Year

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