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Pro Bono Initiative:  Helping Lawyers Help Others

The SCCBA encourages all attorneys to provide at least 60 hours a year in direct legal assistance to the indigent.  The SCCBA initiative was launched in 2006 and is designed to help lawyers help those who would not otherwise have access to legal representation.   The Pro Bono Initiative seeks to accomplish this in these ways:

  •    This website serves as a clearinghouse for pro bono opportunities. Learn more about members of our community who have been helped by lawyers in Santa Clara County by visiting the website.  You will also find a searchable database of pro bono opportunities posted by Santa Clara County legal service agencies.  You can also learn about all the details of the Pro Bono initiative.
  • Pro Bono Pledge:   The SCCBA encourages its members to adopt these goals by signing the individual lawyer and/or law firm SCCBA Pro Bono Initiative Pledge. You will be listed on the Pro Bono website under SCCBA Pro Bono Initiative>>Lawyer Pro Bono Pledge or Law Firm Pro Bono Pledge.  In addition, your membership listing in the on line Membership Directory will note whether you have signed the pledge. 
  • Trainings:  The SCCBA Pro Bono Committee sponsors up to four training seminars each year at no charge to attorneys who volunteer for pro bono assignments with a local legal service agency.  These trainings are designed to teach attorneys how to provide legal assistance in critical areas and where that area may not be one that the attorney provides assistance in their regular practice.  These trainings are marketed through the regular SCCBA CLE & Event Calendar.
  • Annual Reception:  The SCCBA Pro Bono Committee sponsors an annual fall reception to recognize those attorneys and law firms who have met the SCCBA pro bono pledge goals and those who have exceeded it.  
  • Lawyers Going the Extra Mile:   Attorneys and law firms are featured each month at at the Pro Bono Spotlight.  Click on Lawyers Going the Extra Mile to read this month's feature.

SCCBA Volunteer Opportunities

"Every lawyer has a responsibility to provide legal services

to those unable to pay, and that personal involvement in

the problems of the disadvantaged can be one of the most 

rewarding experiences in the life of a lawyer."

-- 2005 SCCBA Pro Bono Task Force Report


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